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Through a long and extensive process of coordination among human rights organizations, social organizations and family members of victims of crimes against humanity, four years ago the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE) was formed. The fundamental objective of this decision to form this movement was to demand the rights of victims of State crimes. These crimes have been committed by the State by action or omission, in actions perpetrated by members of State security forces or para-State forces or by paramilitaries that acted with the support and collusion of the Colombian State in many parts of the country. The movement clearly demands the reestablishment of the rights to truth, justice, comprehensive reparations, and guarantees of non-repetition of the crimes. MOVICE defends the memory of the hundreds of men and women who worked to build a Colombia in peace with social justice.

MOVICE, therefore, has adopted a clear political position, based on the idea that a large part of the crimes committed against the social and people's movement in Colombia responds to social, political, economic and ideological interests.  These plans are promoted by the Colombian State and its agents or are permitted by the State and implemented by paramilitary groups, to support private interests tied to the dominant classes and multinational corporations. The crimes committed are clearly the responsibility of the State, and therefore it is the State that has the obligation of responding for the crimes to victims, their families, their organizations, and the whole of Colombian society, guaranteeing the right to truth, justice, comprehensive reparations, and guarantees of non-repetition of the crimes.
The decision to create a movement of victims of State crimes does not deny the existence of other victims and their right to organize, as different social sectors have in fact done for many years in our country. However, in the case of victims of State crimes, the State has ignored their basic rights; their right to participate in designing laws against impunity has been denied; they have not been provided sufficient and adequate space in mass media outlets. These victims also have the right to organize to demand that the State fulfill its constitutional obligations and respect international standards for the rights of victims.

MOVICE was created by the victims in search of their own organizational structures that will allow them to bring attention to the size and the magnitude of the criminalization of the social and people's movement. It is also a way to unite voices and efforts in the fight against impunity and for the memory of the victims.

The organization created by victims of State crimes demonstrates a personality and an identity that demands the right to organize and mobilize. It represents an effort to dignify the victims, to create political proposals, to resist forgetting. MOVICE refuses to negotiate victims' rights with a State that has been capable of favoring the perpetrators to the point of the most shameful impunity.

MOVICE reaffirms the justice and necessity of its existence, recognizing that State crimes are not a question of the past. Rather, they are a permanently and continuously relevant issue, in a government that has favored and favors the legalization of paramilitarism and politically favors the political class that is tied to this criminal enterprise.

It is now time for MOVICE to strengthen organizational processes, promote political education, promote popular street mobilization, and design political proposals that help question the legitimacy and deepen the crisis of the government. These actions must contribute to the empowerment of the victims and their rights.

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