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- International Chapters: these are made up of organizations and victims exiled as a result of their work as human rights leaders. The following chapters exist at the moment:

Regional Chapters made up of victims, organizations that accompany victims, and organized communities in different regions of Colombia. These chapters, which organize with work plans and regional coordinators, carry out actions to fight impunity on a regional level.

Chapters are founded when a regional Victims' Encounter is held, where victimas discuss the need to build a MOVICE chapter and develop a work plan and internal guidelines.

The National Impulse Committee is then informed, by sending a charter of incorporation. Currently (2012) there are 22 chapters with their own internal guidelines, some of which meet weekly, others monthly, and each with its own organizational dynamics.

• Atlántico
• Bolívar
• Sucre
• Norte de Santander
• Santander
• Magdalena Medio
• Sur de Bolívar
• Sur del Cesar
• Antioquia
• Chocó
• Boyacá-Casanare
• Cundinamarca
• Meta
• Caldas
• Risaralda
• Cauca
• Tolima
• Huila
• Arauca
• Caquetá
• Valle
• Nariño

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